RISE is an environment that promotes self-care and responsibility

The structure, camaraderie, service and recreation are the bedrock upon which Rise is built.

Our Mission

Rise Recovery Community is a true transitional living continuum of care for men in recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders. Since opening our doors in 2013, we have watched an abundant alumni community grow, and as a result, have been fortunate to be a part of the change that long-term recovery brings to many families. We have developed a method through individualized and community care, that allows our clients to walk through the challenges that are present in the many transitions of early recovery.

Sober Living

Rise Recovery Community’s Sober Living Program is centrally located in Mar Vista, CA. We are a structured, transitional living environment that serves as a step down from detox, wilderness or residential level of care treatment programs.



Recovery Apartments


Sober Living


Chase B.

Rise is not just a bed to lay your head on, or a simple house where everyone is sober, rather it is an envoirment of growth. The staff are true role models in the recovery community, and are likewise to the clients they work with. Many have remained strong mentors even after I left Rise. The managment family, for it feels and functions as a family, grants many oppurtunities for the client to engage in healthy extracurriculars, such as sailing, surfing and many other activities. I learned how to communicate and live with other people, learned how to stand up for myself, and to ask for what I really needed. I grew exponentially not only in my recovery, but in my self reliance, and the belief that I could lead a life I truly wished to live, that I could be useful to myself and others, and contribute positively to the world around me. Rise gave me the chance to work on myself in a safe place with like-minded fellows, with the staffs guidance I was able to transform into the man I am today. I have, and will continue to recommend Rise to any man who wants to take their sobriety and mental health seriously, and who wants to drastically and profoundly change their life.

Shawn F.

Age: 31 / Sobriety Date: 5/2/16

After years of trying on my own I could not break the Viscous cycle of addiction. I felt very alone and knew I needed to build some new healthy relationships. I decided I wanted to get plugged into a sober living, rehab alone was not working for me. I found Rise and they took me in that day bags packed. They cared! I was able to start over from scratch and find out who I truly was with the amazing support from the community. Today, I have an amazing life that was built off of the foundation I created during my stay there. It was the perfect balance between accountability, structure, and fun with “real” people. I am still very connected within the community and am grateful for Rise!
Shawn F.

Pete F.

Age: 19 / Sobriety date: 2/20/16

My experience at Rise has been absolutely amazing. Rise has made me the man I am today. Without the support and structure that Rise has provided I don't think I would be sober today. The amount of positivity and assurance the staff has shown me and all the other clients is what makes the place tremendous. Rise is committed to helping you recover from addiction and mold you into the upstanding individual that you are meant to be.

Kyle L.

The year I spent at Rise are the most life altering and influential months of my life. Patrick Murphy and the staff team helped get my life back on track and supported me the whole way. I am certain I would not love my life today without them. I’m forever grateful for Rise Sober Living.

Asa G.

Age: 20 / Sobriety Date: 1/8/15

I can't recommend Rise highly enough. Amazing environment, genuine care, and connections. The relationships I built at the house followed me into life outside and gave me the foundation I needed to build my life around. In a city exploding with sober livings and treatment centers, I am truly fortunate to have gone through this one. I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for my time at Rise, but I know it wouldn't be here.

Noel G

Age: 32 / Sobriety Date: 7/22/16

While in treatment I did not really know what sober living was but I was definitely sure didn’t need it. Now I am coming up on 2 years of sobriety and cannot imagine it without the foundation I built while living at Rise. My time there set me up for success on my own and I developed relationships with guys that will be my friends for life.

A thankful family

Our son lived at Rise for nine months and his experience was transformational. He arrived willingly, but with skepticism about the rules and schedule that Rise clients must follow. Adhering to the step-by-step house rules and slowly earning more independence became the foundation for his return to a sober life. Patrick, and his employees who are at the house around the clock, were respected by the clients and always available for us when we had questions.

The structured, positive lifestyle at Rise included drug testing, house tasks, going to AA meetings as a group, the expectation to get exercise and to find a full or part-time job. Our son has been sober for two years, is employed in a job he loves, and is loving life. We are extremely grateful for the ultimately positive chapter in his life that was spent at Rise.

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